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04 May 2015
Arbor Auto and Car Radiator Repair

The goal of a car radiator is always to cool the engine. If a radiator is not working properly, the engine could overheat. It is crucial to have your car radiator maintained and repaired if needed. Recognizing a radiator concern is not easy until it's too late and the engine overheats. Here are a few things you should know about car radiator repairs.
Leaks are probably the most common issues with car radiators. Leaks are fairly easy to detect since there ought to be a puddle of radiator fluid beneath your car. A leak could be large enough to drain the radiator all its fluid, meaning the engine would overheat very quickly. If you think there is something wrong together with your radiator, always check beneath your car before starting it. An inferior leak can drain fluid in the radiator over a couple of days but you should be able to notice a small puddle below your car when you park it overnight.
If your car overheats but you cannot find a leak, there can be air in the cooling system. This problem is very easy to fix since it is simple to flush the radiator to get rid of air bubbles. Air bubbles within the cooling system make it hard for the coolant to circulate and may lead to the engine overheating.
Arbor Radiator Repair Service
Obstructions may cause your radiator to stop working properly. If flushing the radiator failed to make a difference and your car still overheats, there could be something obstructing the radiator or its cooling passages. Obstructions often occur after an accident but they can also appear due to normal wear and tear on the radiator fins.
If your car runs fine on the highway but tends to overheat if you are idle, the radiator fan is more than likely the problem. Most modern cars have electric fans that will fail. This is an easy repair since replacing the fan will fix the problem.
Faulty thermostats can also cause radiator problems. The thermostat controls the amount of coolant that goes through the radiator. When the thermostat stops working properly, your vehicle will overheat due to a lack of coolant in the system. Replacing the thermostat should fix this problem.
If your car overheats, you need to take it to an auto shop or even a mechanic who does car radiator repairs. This should actually be a priority if you noticed a leak or maybe your car is overheating. You have to take action before a faulty radiator causes your vehicle to break down. A leak could be fixed by replacing the radiator or by patching the outlet. The issue could also be fixed by replacing the thermostat or perhaps the fan.
You should call different mechanics or auto shops ahead of time to make sure they fix car radiators. Don't hesitate to take your car to a few difference places to enable you to get quotes and compare prices. If you need to have a part replaced, ask where the part comes from and make sure it is a brand new part.


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